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Sustainability & Recycling


BFC Solutions’  PleatLink® filter program has been designed with sustainability in mind. The absence of cardboard in our PleatLink® filters allows us to to be “green” throughout the production, installation, and disposal of the filter.  Our zero waste production process allows us to supply our technicians with more filters compared to the standard box filter program. This gives our technicians the ability to service more sites on a weekly basis because they can carry more filters at a time due to zero cardboard. This all equates to less waste, fuel efficiency, and better service to our customers. We can send you more with less waste.

In addition to BFC’s enhanced service efficiency, the PleatLink® filter system also gives our customers the ability to run a more sustainable preventive maintenance (PM) program. Customers that use the PleatLink® filter system commonly see reduced energy usage in their PM programs.  Reduced energy usage can equate to an annual cost savings of up to $0.04  per square foot.

Certain PleatLink® air filters also carry other sustainable perks.  For example, PleatLink® filters with a MERV 13 rating are used to filter out particulates such as bacteria and smoke.  Facilities that install these filters can become compliant for LEED™ certification by the U.S. Green Building Council and earn credits toward that goal.


Each component of the PleatLink® can be recycledBFC’s recycling program alleviates 100% of the waste in the waste stream. Partnering with BFC enables facilities to conserve resources and promote smarter energy practices.







The boxes on the left contain an equal amount of filters as the bag of PleatLink® filters on the right.

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