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Coil Cleaning

The Importance of Coil Cleaning

Coil cleaning is an essential practice for any preventive maintenance (PM) program. Neglecting scheduled maintenance can significantly diminish your coil performance due to airflow restrictions and reduced heat transfer capabilities. Dirty coils can contribute to equipment breakdowns, increased energy consumption, and ultimately a shortened lifespan of your HVAC unit. The before image below shows how dirt accumulates on evaporator coils when conventional box filters are used. Gaps on all sides of the filters allow dirty air to bypass the filter resulting in stripes of dust and dirt on the evaporator coil; this is known as tiger striping. At BFC Solutions, we recommend the cleaning of your coils and installing the PleatLink® to prevent fouling of the evaporator coil.

BFC Solutions Coil Cleaning Program

We provide coil cleaning services for evaporators, condensers, refrigeration racks, walk-in coolers and self-contained units. These services provide minimized equipment downtime, while complying with the EPA’s Clean Water Act of 1972. Pairing our coil cleaning program with the PleatLink® filter program can help you successfully reduce energy costs and prolong the life of your system. Our coil cleaning program enables evaporator and condenser coils to operate efficiently, reducing energy costs and improving unit performance. The PleatLink® filter program protects evaporator coils, eliminates tiger striping, and extends the time between coil cleanings. These services compliment your HVAC preventive maintenance program by providing trusted service and results that you can benefit from every day.

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