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PleatLink® System

Purpose of an Air Filter

The purpose of a preventive maintenance (PM) program is to protect the life of the HVAC unit as well as to regulate indoor air quality. One of the most fundamental components to a PM program is air filtration. Air filter replacement is imperative to running a successful PM program because air filters protect the evaporator coil by filtering out particulates that clog the coil. A clogged evaporator coil restricts airflow and heat transfer which prevents an HVAC unit from running at its designed parameters. This leads to increased energy consumption, HVAC unit breakdowns, and ultimately a shortened life cycle for the unit.

When it comes to air filtration, not all solutions are created equal. The industry standard box filter fails to completely protect the evaporator coil. This is because conventional box filters are made to be ½ in. shorter than the filter track on all sides for ease of installation. These gaps allow dirty air to bypass the filter;  known as air bypass. Air bypass is the most unaddressed problem in air filtration programs today.

PleatLink® Filter System

BFC Solutions has developed and patented a filtration system called the PleatLink® that completely eliminates air bypass.  By using one continuous piece of oversized media, our patented system stops dirt from going between and around the filter because 100% of the filter tracks have the proper filter media effectively sealing the equipment.

The PleatLink® filter system consists of 100% synthetic media which is oversized both on top and bottom to form a gasket seal and a framing system custom built to the full length of the track.  There are no paper products in its design which makes the PleatLink® filter one of the most environmentally friendly filtration systems available. Our  PleatLink® filter system complements any current HVAC preventive maintenance program by using patented technology that eliminates air bypass to make equipment more reliable, more efficient, and longer lasting.

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