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Customer Service Begins With Employees

Customer Service Begins With Employees

Quality customer service is a vital part of customer retention. An effective customer service program places a strong focus on generating customer loyalty by ensuring that the customer always receives quality service. Abbie Harper, Director of Customer Service for Bonded Filter Co. (BFC), believes customer service requires a holistic effort from every aspect of the company. Harper discloses, “Internally, we have many processes in place to make it easier for our customers to do business with us.” She believes that the ultimate goal of customer service is to exemplify the value that BFC’s services can bring to a customer. BFC accomplishes this not only through their daily customer interactions but also internally with their employees.

One key insight Harper has on emphasizing high quality customer service is to practice the same depth of customer service with internal employees, that is used with customers. “We treat our technicians at the company as internal customers,” Harper states. “If they have a service call and run into a problem, we take ownership of that. We communicate or run down the hall because internal customers are just as important as external customers, and we make sure people know they’re important.”

When technicians receive top service internally, they are better equipped to carry out high quality customer service. Harper explains, “We schedule technicians to get from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible. This has a direct impact on the technicians’ job satisfaction.”  With this strategy in place, a strong culture of customer service is naturally reinforced.

Harper believes that a satisfied employee who is engaged in process decisions delivers better customer service. “When our technicians have recommendations for improving a field service, we have processes in place for addressing their feedback.” It is crucial in a service based industry to receive feedback not only internally, but externally as well.

Though equipment is serviced daily, BFC typically meets quarterly with customers. These meetings allow customers to express how BFC can continue implementing their preventive maintenance program goals. This customer feedback is reflected in service aspects such as: the ReportLink™ program, personalized billing and documentation, and through improvements made with our on-site procedures. BFC uses these service components to demonstrate the value of the service we provide to our customers.

When customer service is treated as more of a mission-critical value of the company than a mere byproduct of having to deal with customers, success is attainable. “Your word is everything to that customer,” Harper says. “Not only do you need to meet those expectations, you must exceed them!”

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